Sunpad T2 3262 Tablet Review

Sunpad T2 3262 Tablet

Sunpad T2 3262 Tablet Quick Specs
Screen size: 7 inches
Touch screen: Capacitive
Display resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
Camera: 2 megapixels rear
Camera: 0.3 megapixels front
OS: Android v4.1 Jelly Bean
Processor: 1 Ghz CPU
RAM: 512 MB
Battery capacity: 3,500 mAh

Sunpad T2 3262 Tablet Pros

Sunpad T2 3262 Tablet is a seven inches screen sized tablet having support for Android v4.1 or Jelly Bean version of operating system. The most important two features of this tablet are its seven inches screen size and its support for Jelly bean. It is very interesting to see that even low cost tablet and low branded tablet like this one, is provided with support for latest version of operating system. Also, this tablet comes in seven inches screen size which is the most preferred screen size in the present market.

Sunpad T2 3262 Tablet is having good battery back up features and it is provided with dual cameras. Hence it can be used for both photography and also for video chatting features.

Sunpad T2 3262 Tablet Cons

Sunpad T2 3262 Tablet is having certain range of cons also. This tablet is having smaller screen size and hence it can’t compete with bigger screen sized tablets in providing best video quality and gaming experience. This tablet is not having support for at least 1 GB of RAM. It has been provided with just 512 MB RAM. Also, it is not provided with great processor. The processor provided on this tablet is just sufficient to provide basic functionality.

Although Sunpad T2 3262 Tablet is having dual cameras, both the cameras are not of good quality. The rear camera and front cameras provided on this tablet are not of good quality and hence they can’t provide best pictures and video chatting experience.

Sunpad T2 3262 Tablet SIM Card Slot: N/A

Price of Sunpad T2 3262 Tablet: N/A

Overall Rating of Sunpad T2 3262 Tablet: 2/5

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