Sunpillar 2101 Tablet Review

Sunpillar 2101 Tablet

Sunpillar 2101 Tablet Pros|Sunpillar 2101 Cons

Sunpillar 2101 Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
7 inches
OS:  Android v2.3
Display Resolution: 800 X 600 Pixels
Touch Screen: Resistive
Processor: 800 MHz
Camera: 0.3 MP
Internal Memory: 8 GB or 4 GB
External Memory:
up to 32 GB
256 MB / 512 MB
USB 2.0

Sunpillar 2101 Tablet Pros:

Sunpillar 2101 Tablet is a seven inches screen sized tablet. It is being released in the most preferred size format, hence it can easily grab the attention of the market. This tablet ish aving display resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. This resolution is better than the resolution of most of the low cost tablets. This tablet is provided with VGA quality camera on the front side.

Sunpillar 2101 Tablet has got multi format music player and it supports multi format video player also. Hence one can enjoy videos and music on this tablet. This tablet runs on Android operating system.

Sunpillar 2101 Tablet Cons:

Sunpillar 2101 Tablet runs on Android OS. Though this tablet runs on Android operating system, it runs on the older version. Hence it doesn’t support many number of apps and games. Also the user interface will be outdated ones. This tablet is provided with resistive touch screen. That means, one has to apply much pressure for registring a tap.

Sunpillar 2101 Tablet is provided with a VGA quality camera. It doesn’t give good quality images and it won’t be able to give quality video recording.

Sunpillar 2101 Tablet SIM Card Slot:Yes

Price of Sunpillar 2101 Tablet: N/A

Overall Rating of Sunpillar 2101 Tablet: 2/5

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