Sylvania Mini Tablet Review

Sylvania Mini Tablet

Sylvania Mini Tablet Pros|Sylvania Mini Cons

Sylvania Mini Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
7 inches
OS: Android 2.1
Display: LCD
Touch Screen: Resistive
Display Resolution: 800X480 pixels
Camera: 0.3 MP
RAM: 512 MB
Battery Type: Li-Ion
Battery Life: 1600 mAh
Internal Memory: 4 GB
External Memory: up to 32 GB
Processor Type: ARM 11
Processor Speed: 1 Ghz
Connectivity:  wi-fi
Port: USB 2.0 and HDMI output

Sylvania Mini Tablet Pros

Sylvania Mini Tablet can be considered as a good tablet than many of its counterparts in the segment. It has got an accelerometer feature but I could also use setting features for manually shifting the orientation of the screen. I could use only 16GB micro SD card or smaller versions. Display screen is a good responsive one. When I have used stylus, it gave me good results. Pre installed music apps can be utilized on this tablet. This tablet also comes with video or picture app pre installed. Apps can be downloaded and installed easily.

I could download and installed apps such as Angry Birds, Email, Astro File Manager, Kindle, and others on Sylvania Mini Tablet. Wi-Fi connectivity has been provided on this tablet and it can be used for browsing the web, sending and receiving emails, and other such functionalities. There are two web browsers installed on this tablet. Battery of Sylvania Mini Tablet is okay for web browsing.

Sylvania Mini Tablet Cons

Sylvania Mini Tablet

There is no support for 32 GB card slot on Sylvania Mini Tablet. I couldn’t use my fingers to make use of touch screen feature. It might be due to Android v2.1 version. I need to enable the third party installation options in order to download and install the apps such as Kindle, Angry Birds and others. Skyfire web browser on this tablet works sick. Video on YouTube generally sucks the battery of this tablet.

Sylvania Mini Tablet offers no support for Flash. There is no ambient sensor feature on this tablet and this doesn’t feature a good camera. This tablet can’t be able to reconnect when the Wi-Fi signal is lost. Android market access is not provided. Customer care support and tech support are horrible. It can be useful only for reading e books. One can’t expect this tablet for better experience.

Price of Sylvania Mini Tablet Rs. 4,600/-

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