T-Mobile LG G-Slate Tablet Review

T-Mobile G-Slate Tablet

T-Mobile G-Slate Tablet Pros|T-Mobile G-Slate Cons

T-Mobile LG G-Slate Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
10 inches
OS:  Android v3.0
Display: LED
Rear Camera: 5 MP
Front Camera: 2 MP
Internal Memory: 32 GB
Processor Type: Dual Core
Processor Speed: 1 GHz
Connectivity: wi-fi
Port: Micro USB Port

T-Mobile G-Slate Tablet Pros

One of the major plus points for T-Mobile G-Slate Tablet is its great screen. Its screen is of good size and of good clarity. Color and resolution of this tablet are simply good. Response time is also very much impressive. Quickly I could get what I wanted. This tablet gives better sound than any other tablets in its segment. 3D/1080p video can be utilized on this tablet. T-Mobile G-Slate Tablet has got nice comfy size. Its weight is also suitable for handling.

T-Mobile G-Slate Tablet works on Android operating system and hence it can provide support to Android App market. I could download many numbers of free apps and could successfully install them on this tablet. This tablet is a nice device for playing games. I could enjoy playing Need for Speed game on this tablet. Google Navigation app installed on this tablet helped me a lot many times.

T-Mobile G-Slate Tablet Cons

T-Mobile G-Slate Tablet 1

Though the display of T-Mobile G-Slate Tablet is a good one, it can’t perform well in low light. This makes it a big drawback. There is no scope for expanding the memory. I had to get satisfied with the storage space provided on this tablet, without having provision for expanding the same. This could be a minus point particularly for those who wanted to use more space.

T-Mobile G-Slate Tablet has limited video recording time. This again turns in to a big minus point, since many people capturing video through this kind of device wants to have no limit on the video recording time. There is no warranty provided on this tablet. Considering its features and specs, the price range at which this tablet is placed seems to be an inappropriate zone.

Price of T-Mobile G-Slate Tablet Rs. 20,800/-

Overall Rating for T-Mobile G-Slate Tablet: 3/5

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