Tabeo 7 inch Kids Tablet Review


Tabeo 7 inch Kids Tablet Pros|Tabeo 7 inch Tablet Cons

Tabeo 7 inch Kids Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
7” inches
OS: Android v4.0
Resolution: 800X480 pixels
Touch Screen:
Ram: 4 GB
Connectivity: wi-fi
Memory: 32 GB

Tabeo 7 inch Kids Tablet Pros
Tabeo 7 inch Kids Tablet is one of the very rare tablets released for children. It has got seven inches screen size and hence children can easily handle and carry them. These tablets have been provided with attractive design so as to impress the children. This tablet is having 4 GB RAM which is very much sufficient for storing the files and videos and music. RAM provided on this tablet is of 1 GB capacity and hence it can be good at responsiveness and can give better performance.

Makers didn’t ignore this Tabeo 7 inch Kids Tablet and have provided good list of specs. It has got Wi-Fi internet connectivity options. It is having front facing camera for video chatting purposes. USB v2.0 interface can also be seen on this television. It is provided with capacitive type of touch screen and hence children need not press the touch screen firmly for registering a tap.

Tabeo 7 inch Kids Tablet Cons
Few cons can also be seen on Tabeo 7 inch Kids Tablet. This tablet is intended for kids and hence it will attract only those who want to gift a tablet to their children. So this tablet might not appease everyone. It will not be able to grab much share in the market because its target consumers are less. Also, this tablet will be purchased only by those who already have a normal tablet but wish to give a new tablet to their kids.

Tabeo 7 inch Kids Tablet has got just 4 GB capacity. Although the usage of tablet by children needs no more than 4 GB generally, internal memory of this tablet compared to that of other tablets is less. This tablet has been provided with built in speaker and micro phone. It has got front facing camera enabling video chatting options but the resolution of this front facing camera has not been mentioned.

Tabeo 7 inch Kids Tablet SIM Card Slot: N/A

Price of Tabeo 7 inch Kids Tablet: 149.99$

Overall Rating of Tabeo 7 inch Kids Tablet: 4/5

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