Velocity Cruz T301 Tablet Review

Velocity Cruz T301 Tablet

Velocity Cruz T301 Tablet Pros|Velocity Cruz T301 Tablet Cons

Velocity Cruz T301 Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
7 inches
OS:  Android v2.2
Weight: 453.59G
Touch Screen: Capacitive
RAM: 256 MB
Battery Life: up to 10 hrs
Internal Memory:
2 GB
Processor Speed: 800 Mhz
Hard Drive:  8 GB
Connectivity: wi-fi
Port: Mini USB Port

Velocity Cruz T301 Tablet Pros

I could download and install different kinds of apps on Velocity Cruz T301 Tablet. I liked using Kindle App on this device since it works great for this app. Another important feature of this tablet is that it can play and run videos nicely. It is easy to use this tablet and I could find it convenient to put movies through SD card. Playing movies and music is great on this tablet and hence it can also serve as good multimedia device. Different kinds of simple games have been provided on this tablet and I felt good playing such games on larger screen than on my phone.

Even though I have used lots of stuff on Velocity Cruz T301 Tablet, its battery still goes good. I have used internet on this device and have played movies too. But its battery life is such a good one that it can still run the device. I could save more number of pictures and other files. Since responsiveness of this tablet is good, it feels great to use this device.

Velocity Cruz T301 Tablet Cons

Velocity Cruz T301 Tablet 1

On the flip side, there are few cons with regard to Velocity Cruz T301 Tablet. This tablet has got slow processor which can’t support too many games. Only the one which are pre installed on this tablet can be used conveniently. Operating system of this tablet is Android but it is of older version. Company claims that it has provided upgrade to v2.2 but I haven’t tried still. There is no support for app market. Anyone using Android OS would like to download apps from marketplace. But this tablet doesn’t provide support for most of the apps given on the marketplace.

Velocity Cruz T301 Tablet doesn’t offer any support for flash. If users want to use flash compulsorily, they could also go to the option of using Sky Fire browser on which flash is supported. There is no camera and this turns out to be a great disappointment for most of the users.

Price of Velocity Cruz T301 Tablet Rs. 4,680/-

Overall Rating for Velocity Cruz T301 Tablet: 3/5

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