ViewSonic gTablet 10” Review

ViewSonic gTablet 10

Pros of ViewSonic gTablet|Cons of ViewSonic gTablet

ViewSonic gTablet 10”Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
10 inches
OS: Android v2.0
Display: LCD
Processor Type: ARM Cortex A9
Processor Speed: 1 Ghz
Camera: 1.3 MP
Expandable Memory: 32 GB
RAM: 512 MB
Connectivity:  wi-fi
Port: Mini USB
Battery Life : 8 – 10 hrs
Graphics: 2D / 3D
Pros of ViewSonic gTablet

ViewSonic gTablet 10” is having Nvidia Tegra 2 Chipset which is becoming more popular in recent times. I found this tablet to be a really nice one based on its hardware capabilities. This tablet is provided with 512 MB RAM as like many other tablets. It has got dual core processor also. I could expand the internal memory of this tablet up to thirty two GB using the micro SD card slot provided. Full USB port has bene provided which can hook up peripheral devices. That means, it provided me scope for using USB keybard also.

Micro USB port can also be seen on ViewSonic gTablet for the purpose of mounting the device to the PC. Cable and other things can be kept aside because of this feature. I could use any micro USB for the purpose of mounting this tablet. Front facing camera has been provided on this tablet and hence I could use video conferencing features. One can’t get any thing more on a tablet for the price it has been tagged. There is no need for using sync software to use on this tablet. ViewSonic gTablet provided me scope for customizing the desktop with widgets, icons and wallpapers, and others.

Cons of VIewSonic gTablet

ViewSonic gTablet 10

LCD of ViewSonic gTablet is a big disappointment to this tablet. It has got unresponsive touch screen most of the times. This screen looks similar to netbook screen but not as a tablet screen. I didn’t like the viewing angles of this display screen. The ‘Tap’ n ‘Tap’ user interface didn’t appeal me much. The interface provided on this tablet is insufficient, slow and inelegant. This is a major drawback and is not at all expected on this kind of tablet. The screen of this tablet is looking good only when we watch it straight. Other viewing angles are just a disaster. It is better that ViewSonic makes changes to the screen and its resolution for releasing it another time as an advanced version.

Charging of ViewSonic gTablet has some issues. I couldn’t use nightstand charging and it got exhausted soon. This tablet is much glitch out of the box. 3G option is not provided on this tablet which is a great disappointment for users like me who prefer to use more numbers of 3G Services.

Price of ViewSonic gTablet Rs. 14,500/-

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