ViewSonic ViewPad 10e Review

viewsonic viewpad 10e

ViewSonic ViewPad 10e Pros|ViewSonic ViewPad 10e Cons

ViewSonic ViewPad 10e Quick Specs:
: Single core, 1000 MHz, ARM CortexA9
OS: Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich version of operating system
Screen: 9.7 inches
Dimensions: 9.51 x 7.43 x 0.36
Weight: 620 grams
Touchscreen: Capacitive, multi-touch
Built in memory: 4 GB
System Memory: 512 MB RAM
Camera: 1.3 megapixel front camera
Battery: 2700 mAh

ViewSonic ViewPad 10e Pros

One of the most interesting features of ViewSonic ViewPad 10 e is its excellent screen and decent build. The list of specification gives a good impression. The device comes with glass fronted capacitive touchscreen. The processor inside is 1GHz single-core processor. The display of the tablet is great for a device that is offered for a small price. The glass front layer is good for the fingers. The outer body of the device is made with lightly textured metal. The device is in-hand also as it weighs 607 g and the thickness is 9.1 mm. All the sockets are kept on the top edge such as power switch, microSD card reader, headphone jack, power plug etc.

The easy to use UI is clean and clutter-free which makes ViewSonic ViewPad 10e suitable for the students. The tablet is light and thin. The camera on the front gives good images. Audio sound is also impressive.

 ViewSonic ViewPad 10e Cons

The outdated OS in ViewSonic ViewPad 10e is the major drawback of the tablet. The performance of the device is poor. What the device lacks is Android market. There is a limited connectivity on the device and the storage is also not enough. There is only 512 MB RAM. The user can feel that the screen is pixilated and the keyboard is narrow.

The plastic finish body of the ViewSonic ViewPad 10e may disappoint the consumers. There are no good apps in the device either and it is also not easier to access more apps. The tablet is not certified by Google and so Android Market will not be available on the device. Though 1MobileMarket can be accessed it is not as good as Android Market. One can also find occasional apps crashing or apps taking longer time to load.

ViewSonic ViewPad 10e tablet offers no greater battery life. Though officially the batter should give 5.5 hours of talk time the battery gets drained in 5 hours. This device may not suitable for those who want to watch videos.

ViewSonic ViewPad 10e SIM Card Slot: Yes

Price of ViewSonic ViewPad 10e Tablet: Rs. 17,999

Overall Rating of ViewSonic ViewPad 10e Tablet: 4/5

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