Vizio 8” Tablet Review

Vizio 8” Tablet

Vizio 8” Tablet Pros| Vizio 8” Tablet Cons

Vizio 8” Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
8 inches
OS:  Android v2.2
Display: LED
Processor Speed: 1 Ghz
Internal Storage: 4 GB
RAM: 512 MB
Battery Life:  up to 10 hrs
Vizio 8” Tablet Pros

I had my hands on this Vizio 8” tablet just recently. It has got beautiful screen resolution. Best part of this tablet is its size. It is sized at eight inches, which is lesser than most of the tablets which are sized at ten inches. Since it has only eight inches display size, it is very much convenient to use. Vizioo 8” tablet is fast as well. It takes long time to charge fully but it retains the charge for longer periods. IR Remote control can be set up easily and works very much fine with my Samsung TV along with Comcast cable service. Most of the people think that this feature will work only with Vizio. This tablet runs on Android version v2.2 operating system which is also called as Froyo version operating system.

Low price of Vizio 8” tablet is a special feature on the part of this tablet. There is another important feature, which is regarding excellent screen quality. This tablet is a middle sized one and it seems bigger than seven inches models and smaller than ten inches models. Good sound is another special feature which attracted my attention. Also, it has got smooth video playback. I didn’t experience any kind of jerk while watching videos on this tablet.

Vizio 8” Tablet Cons

Vizio 8” Tablet

Vizio 8” tablet is not having proper app support. Very limited number of apps can be used on this tablet, which is not at all a desired one. There is no facebook app on this tablet. Nowadays even middle range phones are also provided with facebook apps. But the lack of facebook apps on this tablet is going to be a major drawback. Skype app is not at all found on this tablet. Skype is also one among the most common apps used by people. So, users can find it difficult to manage this tablet without Skype app.

Netflix app is also absent on Vizio 8” tablet. There is no mentioning about yahoo mail app. Though I could install Netflix app, I couldn’t play the video since the tablet doesn’t support for this service. Launcher app provided on this tablet is very much poor and there is no multiple home screen options. There is no facility to combine icons and widgets on the same screen. Performance of remote control app is not up to the mark.

Price of Vizio 8” tablet Rs. 15,000/-

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