Wespro 786 7-Inch Tablet Review

Wespro 786 7-Inch Tablet

Wespro 786 7-Inch Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
7 inches
OS: Android v2.2
Weight: 390g
Display: LCD
Display Resolution: 1024X600 pixels
Camera: VGA
Internal Memory: 2 GB
External Memory: up to 32 GB
RAM: 256 MB
Processor Speed: 800 Mhz
Connectivity:  wi-fi, 3G
Battery Type: Li-PO
Battery Life : 1700mAH

Wespro 786 7-Inch Tablet Pros

Wespro 786 7-Inch Tablet is having seven inches screen size, which is the most popular and preferred size in the range of tablets. I personally prefer seven inches tablets over ten inches counterparts since they are very much easy to hold. This tablet is having less weight, so it will be useful for holding for longer times. It comes with a processor of 800 Mhz resulting in good performance of the tablet.

Wespro 786 7-Inch Tablet is having Li Polymer battery which is giving good results, in terms of battery life and usage time. It can support different types of file formats. Another plus point of this tablet is that it can support wireless connectivity.

Wespro 786 7-Inch Tablet Cons

Wespro 786 7-Inch Tablet 1

Wespro 786 7-Inch Tablet is provided with 3G connectivity, but it is operator dependent. This tablet is not provided with support for voice calls. Makers must focus on improving this tablet such that it can support SIM card also. This tablet is provided with resistive type of touch screen. This kind of touch screen will surely irritate the users since it will not register a tap easily.

Camera is provided on Wespro 786 7-Inch Tablet but it is of low resolution. Also, video quality seen on this tablet is very much low than what I have expected. Though there is support for 32 GB memory expansion, internal memory provided is very much low. It can only be used for basic functionalities.

Price of Wespro 786 7-Inch Tablet Rs. 5,499/-

Overall Rating for Wespro 786 7-Inches Tablet: 2.5/5

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