Wintec FileMate Light 7 Tablet Review

Wintec FileMate Light 7 Tablet

Wintec FileMate Light 7 Tablet Pros| Wintec FileMate Light 7 Tab Cons

Wintec FileMate Light 7 Tablet Quick Specs:
Screen Size:
7 inches
OS: Android 2.3
Display Resolution: 1280X800 pixels
Processor Speed: 600 Mhz
RAM: 512 MB
Rear Camera: 3 MP
Touch Screen: Capacitive
Battery Type: Li-Ion
Battery Life: 3400 mAH
Connectivity:  wi-fi

Wintec FileMate Light 7 Tablet Pros

First of all, I have to mention about the touch screen feature of Wintec FileMate Light 7 Tablet. It is very much fine and work perfectly. I can say that the screen of this tablet is far better than the capacitive touch screens of many other tablets. It is very much light weighted. It weighs 0.8 lbs and has thickness of 0.5mm. This tablet is offered with 8 GB micro SD card. I could enjoy reading e books using the Kindle app on this tablet. The in built web browser works very much fine on this tablet and the web surfing is also fast.

Wintec FileMate Light 7 Tablet has got mail apps which can be useful for checking mails. Docs to Go app is provided on this tablet which is a great useful app. There is no need to upgrade the in built web browser on this tablet. Wi-Fi can be connected within a short time. Bluetooth is another plus point for this tablet. Battery life is nice and it worked for longer than expected.

Wintec FileMate Light 7 Tablet Cons

Wintec FileMate Light 7 Tablet

Coming to the cons of Wintec FileMate Light 7 Tablet, it is not having in built 3G connectivity feature. There is no HDMI output. There is no provision for playing flash or other videos. The app memory is given as 162 MB. But this might not be sufficient for all users. I wish I have more memory on this tablet. There is no front facing camera provided on this tablet. It has got only rear camera. Nowadays more and more numbers of tablets are coming with secondary camera also. Lack of a front facing camera can be considered as a drawback these days.

Those who don’t want to use front facing camera or those who don’t find a necessity to use such a camera, may not find the lack of secondary camera on Wintec FileMate Light 7 Tablet as a con. Lack of 3G is also a great disappointment since even low cost smart phones are also coming up with this feature.

Price of intec FileMate Light 7 Tablet Rs. 7,699/-

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