WinTouch M52 Tablet Review

WinTouch M52 Tablet

WinTouch M52 Tablet Quick Specs

Screen size: 5 inches
Processor capacity: 650 Mhz
Processor brand: MediaTek MTK6573
Internal memory: 4 GB
Expandable memory: up to 32 GB
OS: Android v4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich OS
Display type: WVGA
Touch screen: Capacitive
Display resolution: 480 x 800 pixels

WinTouch M52 Tablet Pros

WinTouch M52 Tablet is provided with some good features and specs. It is not an actual tablet and is a bit greater than smart phone. Hence it is considered as phablet. Few devices are being marketed as phablets even though they are not actual tablet and this device belongs to one among them. This tablet is having capacitive type of touch screen which is a good one. Its responsiveness will be good because of this kind of touch sensitivity.

WinTouch M52 Tablet is having design of Galaxy Note and hence those who want to find cheap alternative to Note smart phone can find this tablet useful. This tablet is having smaller screen size when compared to normal tablets and hence will be suitable for those who are looking for devices smaller than 7 inches. Processor of this tablet is of 650 Mhz and it will be sufficient only when user restricts the usage of device for basic purposes.

WinTouch M52 Tablet Cons

WinTouch M52 Tablet is having many cons. This tablet is from China brand and hence its reliability quotient is low. Generally tablets from China will not be of good quality and will barely work for few months, before they get damaged. This tablet might also be one of them. Brand value for this company is very poor and no one might recognize it by brand name. This tablet is not an actual tablet and can be considered as phablet.

WinTouch M52 Tablet is not an actual tablet, but a phablet. But it is being sold as tablet in the lines of other phablets. The style of this tablet is not unique and looks like poor copy of Galaxy Note. So it is not going to give a good impression.

WinTouch M52 Tablet SIM Card Slot: N/A

Price of WinTouch M52 Tablet: 560 USD or 152 USD

Overall Rating of WinTouch M52 Tablet: 3/5

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