X808 8 Inches Tablet Review

X808 8 Inches Tablet

X808 8 Inches Tablet Quick Specs

Screen size: 8 inches
RAM: 512 MB
Processor: 600 Mhz
camera: front
OS: Android v2.2
CPU Cores: Single Core
Connectivity: Wi-FI
3G connectivity: External
Internal memory: 2GB, 4GB, 8 GB, 16 GB variants

X808 8 Inches Tablet Pros

X808 8 Inches Tablet is one of the huge number of Chinese tablets available in the market. This tablet has been provided with eight inches screen size and hence it is the option for those who want to have devices more than seven inches screen size and less than ten inches screen size. This tablet runs on Android operating system and hence it can be able to provide support to wide range of apps and games on the Google Play Store.

X808 8 Inches Tablet is provided with 512 MB RAM which would be sufficient for smooth performance. This tablet is powered by single core 600 Mhz processor which is suitable for basic performance of the tablet. It comes with support for web cam on the front side of the device and hence it will be able to support video chatting options. Best part of this tablet is that it support multiple languages.

X808 8 Inches Tablet Cons

X808 8 Inches Tablet is having too many cons. First of all, this is one of the huge number of low cost low quality tablets in the market. Although the tablets with low price tag are coming with good number of specs, purchasing a low brand tablet will surely show impact on the performance. This tablet is having poor quality web camera on the front side and it will just be useful for getting basic quality photos.

X808 8 Inches Tablet is not having rear camera. This tablet is not of regular screen sizes, but is of abnormal screen size and hence its success in the market is doubtful. This tablet is not having proper processor and RAM specs and hence it will not be able to give performance in par with other tablets.

X808 8 Inches Tablet SIM Card Slot: N/A

Price of X808 8 Inches Tablet: N/A

Overall Rating of X808 8 Inches Tablet: 2/5

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