Top 100 Tablets with Ratings

Here is the list of Top 100 tablets available in the market. Check out this table before you go for the purchase of a tablet PC for yourself or your beloved ones, and ensure that the device you are going to purchase is present in the list of top 100. The list of top 100 […]

Latest Top 10 Android Tablets

Android operating system is one of the most famous operating systems for tablets. Even though the Android OS is not having more of tablet specific apps, it is the only option after iOS. Most of the successful tablets, except Apple products run on Android operating system. If you are fan of Android operating system and […]

Latest Top 10 Windows Tablets

Soon after the release of Windows 8 operating system, and the announcement of Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro operating systems, more and more number of companies showed interest in developing tablets on this operating system. Now we have flooding number of Windows based tablets and this number is going to increase in future. If […]

List of 7 Educational Tablets for College & School Students

List of 7 Educational Tablets for College & School Students Following is the list of educational tablets which are expected to be useful for students. Few of them are for school students while few others are for college students. iProf Tablet: This tablet encourages the students to take up e-learning and get online content on […]

Latest Top 10 16GB Internal Memory Tablets

Generally, 16 GB will be the least memory variants among high end tablets. But few low cost and low end tablets will have less than that also. In order to store and carry video, music and other documents, one needs to have at least 16 GB of internal memory. Anyways, the operating system and inbuilt […]

GPS Enabled Tablets in India

GPS Tablets in India|GPS Activated Tablets Although huge number of tablets are being released in India, all of them are not having GPS feature. Particularly those tablets released in the low cost section will not have this tracking feature. Hence it is always advised to check the GPS feature before purchasing a tablet. Following is […]

Latest Top 10 8GB Internal Memory Tablets

8 GB internal memory is seen generally in the low cost tablets section. Nowadays most of the high end tablets are being provided with 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB memory variants. If you are not particular about the internal memory and if you are not interested to store any huge sized files on […]

List of All Tablets below Rs.5,000

List of All Tablets below Rs.5,000 One can purchase a tablet even when they are low on budget. Tablets sub-Rs.5,000 are also available in the market. Though these tablets have basic features, they are best suitable for those who want to start with entry level tablets. Following are the tablets which are priced below Rs.5,000: […]

8″ Size Latest Top 10 Tablets

The tablets having size more than seven inches and having size less than 9.7 inches screen size, fall under intermediate sized tablets. These tablets will mostly have 8 inches screen size. It is intermediate size and it will attract all those who want to be unique from others. Such eight inches screen sized tablets are […]

X Electron SCA M7 Tablet Review

X Electron SCA M7 Tablet Pros|X Electron SCA M7 Cons X Electron SCA M7 Tablet Quick Specs: Screen Size: ¬†7 inches OS: ¬†Android RAM: 128 MB Processor: 300 Mhz Internal Memory: 2 GB Expendable Memory: 8 GB Connectivity: wi-fi X Electron SCA M7 Tablet Pros X Electron SCA M7 Tablet is a seven inches screen […]