Latest Top 10 Samsung Tablets

Samsung is a class apart in electronics, whether it is mobiles, tablets or any other consumer electronics. Tablets offered by Samsung are few of the most popular and most sold tablets across the world. It mainly releases tablets under the series ‘Galaxy’. Most of the tablets released by this company run on Android operating system. […]

8″ Size Latest Top 10 Tablets

The tablets having size more than seven inches and having size less than 9.7 inches screen size, fall under intermediate sized tablets. These tablets will mostly have 8 inches screen size. It is intermediate size and it will attract all those who want to be unique from others. Such eight inches screen sized tablets are […]

GPS Enabled Tablets in India

GPS Tablets in India|GPS Activated Tablets Although huge number of tablets are being released in India, all of them are not having GPS feature. Particularly those tablets released in the low cost section will not have this tracking feature. Hence it is always advised to check the GPS feature before purchasing a tablet. Following is […]

Latest Top 10 16GB Internal Memory Tablets

Generally, 16 GB will be the least memory variants among high end tablets. But few low cost and low end tablets will have less than that also. In order to store and carry video, music and other documents, one needs to have at least 16 GB of internal memory. Anyways, the operating system and inbuilt […]

10.1″ Size Latest Top 10 Tablets

There are wide range options when coming to the 10.1 inches screen sized tablets section. Few bigger screen sized tablets are having 9.7 inches screen size, but most of the tablets in this section are provided with 10.1 inches screen size. It is the screen size which comes to our mind when we think of […]

Latest Top 10 8GB Internal Memory Tablets

8 GB internal memory is seen generally in the low cost tablets section. Nowadays most of the high end tablets are being provided with 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB memory variants. If you are not particular about the internal memory and if you are not interested to store any huge sized files on […]

Latest Top 10 SIM Slot Tablets

Presence of SIM slot enables the users to insert 2G or 3G SIM card so that they can make phone calls on the tablet itself. Nowadays more and more number of tablets are being released with provision for making phone calls. Right from the low cost Android tablets section to the high end devices, phone […]

What are Wacom Tablets?

What is Wacom Functionality|What are Wacom Tablets Wacom is a tablet functionality which is introduced in the year 1992. Compaq Concerto is the first comptuer tablet which makes use of this technology. Wacom is also a name of a company which produces graphics tablets and other such related products. It has headquarters in Japan and […]

Latest Top 10 Windows Tablets

Soon after the release of Windows 8 operating system, and the announcement of Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro operating systems, more and more number of companies showed interest in developing tablets on this operating system. Now we have flooding number of Windows based tablets and this number is going to increase in future. If […]

Latest Top 10 32GB Internal Memory Tablets

Tablets with 32 GB internal memory are rare to find. Only top league tablets are being provided with such internal memory. Generally low cost Android tablets are being provided with just 4 or 8 GB of internal memory. Where there is 32 GB internal memory on the tablet, users can have ample scope to store […]