List of 7 Educational Tablets for College & School Students

List of 7 Educational Tablets

List of 7 Educational Tablets for College & School Students

Following is the list of educational tablets which are expected to be useful for students. Few of them are for school students while few others are for college students.

iProf Tablet: This tablet encourages the students to take up e-learning and get online content on to their finger tips. Students can revise lectures on the go. It is priced at Rs.14,990/-

Aakash Tablet: This is one of the most awaited tablets in the recent times, and it is mostly because of its low price. Main intention of distributing this tablet at such a low cost (Rs.2,500) is to help students and encourage them to know about e-learning.

Aakash 2 Tablet: Keeping the minus points of Aakash tablet in mind, makers of this tablet are trying to provide a better version of tablet in the form of Aakash 2 Tablet. This tablet is yet to release and is expected to be useful for students. It will be offered at price same as that of first version i.e. Rs.2,500.

HCL MyEduTab K12 Tablet: This tablet is specially designed keeping in view the needs of students. K12 version is for +2 students. It contains many educational apps and content from NCERT syllabus. Price of this tablet is given as Rs.11,999/-

HCL MyEduTab HE Tablet: HE version of tablet is specially designed for high school standard students. This tablet comes with NCERT syllabus and hence is very much useful for students preparing for their exams. This tablet has been tagged with the price of Rs.9,999/-

Micromax FunBook Tablet: This is one of the latest tablets released by Micromax and it works on Ice Cream Sandwich version OS. It is having many features, of which students can also make use of few of them. This is surely a good deal at Rs.6,499/-

ClassPad Tablet: There are three variants among ClassPad Tablets each suitable for particular standards of students. Best part of this tablet is that students can avail this tablet at low cost under few conditions. Price range of these tablets is Rs.7,500 to Rs.11,500/-


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