List of Improvements in Aakash 2 Tablet

Aakash 2 Tablet

List of Improvements in Aakash 2 Tablet|Differences between Aakash & Aakash 2 Tablet

Aakash tablet has been released with much hype because of the craze it has developed in the market. But many are dissatisfied with its poor performance and low quality specs. Hence, government is planning to release improved version of Aakash Tablet by the name Aakash 2. It will have better specs when compared to the earlier version. Following are the features which are improvised in the latest version of Aakash:

1.      Price:
Price of first and second version of Aakash tablet are going to be the same because government wants to give improved version tablet at the price of the earlier version. This will ensure that there are no extra costs on the students who want to have latest and improved version Aakash.
2.      Camera:
While Aakash doesn’t feature any camera, whether in front or back side, Aakash 2 tablet is going to have both front and back cameras.
3.      Battery:
Performance of the battery provided in the new tablet is going to be better than the performance of the battery provided in the first version tablet. It is because first version has 2100mAh capacity battery and second version has 3200mAh capacity battery.
4.      Network:
Only Wi-Fi connectivity has been provided in the first version of Aakash tablet. But in the Aakash 2 tablet, Wi-Fi along with SIM, GPRS and Phone functionality have been provided. That means, latest version Aakash can also be used as phone.
5.      Operating System:
First version Aakash tablet runs on Android v2.2 or Froyo version of operating system while the latest Aakash tablet runs on Android v2.3 or Gingerbread version of operating system. It will have better user interface and support to large number of applications.
6.      RAM:
RAM has lot of impact on the performance of the tablet. Aakash 1 has 256 MB RAM while Aakash 2 has 256 MB RAM along with 2 GB internal memory.
7.      Processor:
It is the most important thing in any tablet. Aakash 1 tablet has got 366 Mhz processor while the second version Aakash is going to feature 700Mhz Processor. Hence the performance of the latest version tablet is going to be two times better than the first version Aakash tablet.

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