What are Active Digitizer Tablets?

Active Digitizer Tablets

What are Active Digitizer Tablets|Active Digitizer

Active Digitizer is a type of screen which is generally found on earlier generation Microsoft Tablet Pcs. These tablets are older ones in technology and they are not actually touch screens. They don’t recording touch at all, however a special pen will be provided with the active digitizer devices which can interact with the screen up on hovering or contacting.

Active digitizer devices are not actually touch screen devices. But these digitizers have been successfully used for handwriting on computer screen. That is why, you can make the computer to read your handwriting when written by this kind of digitizers, but not when you write by your finger or by other devices.

After these active digitizers, resitive digitzers have been released. They are early touch screens which can recognize the touch by a stylus or such device. After resistive type of touch screens have emerged, capacitive type of touch screens have been introduced, which are being used succesfully.

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