Android Tablet not Turning On: Android Tablets Battery Problems

Android Tablet

Did you purchase an Android tablet? Wide ranges of Android tablets are available in the market these days. Particularly in the low cost section, almost all the tablets belong to this operating system. When the budget is low, the user has to compromise with the low quality and low brand Android tablet. Even though the price is low, quality of most of these low cost Android tablets is good. But here and there we find few tablets which give too many problems to the users.

Many people have reported that their Android tablet doesn’t even turn on. Soon after the purchase of the tablet, they are seeing their device to turn on. But after few days itself, they report that their tablet is not turning on. In few cases, users may see the battery issue logo, while few others might not see even that logo on their screen. It might be the problem of battery. If the battery of the Android tablet is removable, users can try removing and reinstalling it. The battery has to be tested separately by experts and if it is the problem, it has to be replaced with the new one by the certified experts or company authorized technician.

Users can also try another solution for this problem. They can leave the tablet plugged to charging overnight and check if it works on the next day morning. In most of the cases, the problem is about ruining of the battery. Generally, branded tablets will have settings which don’t let the battery to ruin completely. If the battery gets ruined completely zero, it might not be possible to get back the battery to life. Reliable manufacturing companies will make sure that they provide necessary settings in the tablets, in such a way that the tablet gets turned off even when the battery is five to ten percent present.

If the tablet shows low battery signs when the battery is still present, users can recharge it. Sometimes, in some tablets there will not be mechanism to prevent the complete ruining of the battery. Only in such cases, this kind of problem arises. Even after recharging, the battery may not get back to life and hence the tablet won’t turn on. This kind of problem is often reported by users of Xtreme tablets or other low quality tablets.

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