Attitude Daksha Tablet Vs Veedee D10 Tablet

Attitude Daksha Tablet

Attitude Daksha Tablet Vs Veedee D10 Tablet|Attitude Daksha Vs Veedee

Attitude Daksha is a 7 inches screen sized tablet PC offered at low cost. Veedee has also released D10 tablet which also falls in low cost tablet zone. Let us compare their spec and find out which one is better among them:

Features Attitude Daksha Veedee D10 Which one is better?
Screen size 7 inches 7.5 inches Veedee D10 tablet is a bit more in size when compared to Attitude Daksha
Touch screen type Capacitive Capacitive Both the tablets are having capacitive type screens
Camera 0.3 MP Front 0.3 MP Front VGA quality cameras can be seen on both the tablets
Battery 3800mAh N/A Data insufficient for comparison
OS Android v4.0 Android v4.0 Both of these tablets runs on latest version of Android operating system
CPU 1 Ghz Dual Core 1.5 Ghz Processor of Veedee tablet is 1.5 Ghz, but Attitude tablet has got dual core one
RAM 512 MB 512 MB RAM of these two tablets are of similar range
Internal memory 4 GB 4 GB Internal memory feature is also same in both of them
Price Rs.5,399 Rs.6,790 Veedee D10 tablet is priced a bit higher than the Attitude Daksha tablet

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