Attitude Daksha Tablet Vs Zync Z900 Tablet

Attitude Daksha Tablet

Attitude Daksha Vs Zync Z900 Tablet|Attitude Daksha Vs Zync Tablets

HCL has released Me U1 tablet recently. It has got 7 inches screen size and comes with LCD capacitive touch screen. Attitude Daksha is another low cost tablet.

Features Attitude Daksha Zync Z900 Which one is better?
Screen size 7 inches 7 inches Similarity is present between Attitude Daksha and Zync Z900 tablet
Touch screen type Capacitive Resistive Zync Z900 has got low standard resitive type of touch screen
Camera 0.3 MP Front 0.3 MP Front Low quality cameras can be seen on both of them
Battery 3800mAh 3000mAh When compared to the battery specs of Attitude Daksha, the battery of Zync tablet is of low standard
OS Android v4.0 Android v2.2 Zync Z900 tablet runs on older version of Android OS
CPU 1 Ghz Dual Core 800 Mhz Low quality processor has been provided on Zync Z900
RAM 512 MB 256 MB RAM of Zync Z900 is of low quality and low capacity
Internal memory 4 GB 4 GB Both share commonality in terms of internal memory
SIM Card slot yes No SIM card functionality is not present on Z900
Price Rs.5,399 Rs.4,990 Price of Zync Z900 is lower than the Attitude Daksha tablet

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