Dell XPS 10 Tablet – Hybrid Laptop / Tablet from Dell

Dell XPS 10 Tablet

Dell XPS 10 Tablet Features/Specs|Dell XPS 10 Price India

Dell XPS 10 Tablet is the latest device announced by Dell. It is a hybrid between laptop and tablet. It has been provided with touch screen features and can be used as tablet. When it is connected to the keyboard, it can be used as laptop. It has got ten inches screen size.

Dell XPS 10 Tablet can be considered as the top most one among the latest range of hybrid devices being released in this season. Although other hybrids are not much successful, this device from Dell brand is expected to do good business because of its high standard specs. This tablet is ARM based one which comes with keyboard dock. When disconnected from the keyboard dock, this device works as the perfect tablet. There is a slight difference between the hybrids of other companies and this one. Samsung and other companies have also released hybrids but they are more of laptops because they run on full x86 version of Windows 8. But the Dell XPS 10 Tablet released by Dell is somewhat different. It runs on Windows RT operating system and is lighter, thinner than the previous hybrids. This device is more of a tablet than a laptop.

Dell XPS 10 Tablet is having same design as like XPS Duo 12 and also like previous XPS ultra books. Another special feature of this tablet is that it has got improved track pad as like that of Duo 12. This tablet can stand as good example for hybrid. It is portable, light weight and has good built quality which makes it to serve good as a tablet. Dell hasn’t announced complete specs and price of this Dell XPS 10 Tablet.

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