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Download Any PDF Book to iBook Freely|Read PDF on iPads iBook

For downloading the PDF ebooks on iPad 2, or any other version of iPad, it is very much necessary to have iBooks. Users need to download the PDFs to iBooks for reading them on iPad. For this, users need to have apps which can convert any PDF ebook and make it compatible to iBooks.

Generally, these apps would be priced between 5$ to 10$. These apps are necessary for converting the PDFs in to iBooks and thereby making them readable on iPad versions. But there is a technique by which users can skip using these apps and can directly read PDF books on iPad through iBooks. For this, users need to send the required PDFs from their PC to their Gmail account. Now, they have to open their Gmail on iPad and open the desired PDF file. There will be an option ‘Open in iBooks’. This option has to be selected and the PDF e book will get opened in the iBooks. This way, users can read PDF ebooks on their iPad device through iBooks, even without paying for the apps.

There is another advantage of using Gmail for reading PDF books on iPad. In this way, they need not connect their iPad device to the computer or PC and they need not wait for the synchronization to complete.

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