FunTab 7.1 Fit Tablet – 7 Inches Tablet with 1 Ghz Processor

FunTab 7.1 Fit Tablet

FunTab 7.1 Fit Tablet Specs/Features|FunTab 7.1 Fit Tablet Review


FunTab 7.1 Fit Tablet has been provided with seven inches screen size. It is having display resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. It has got capacitive type of touch sensitivity and can also support multi touch. Upto 5 point multi touch is supported.

Operating System:

Android v4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich version of operating system is seen running on this tablet. It is the latest version of Android operating system and  hence can support all the latest apps and games on the Google Play Store.


Regarding camera, FunTab 7.1 Fit Tablet has been provided with 0.3 MP Camera or VGA quality camera. Audio and video players are also supported on this device and they in turn can support wide range of formats. Recording function is also enabled on the camera.


1 Ghz processor is empowering this tablet and it is the one who is behind the decent performance of this tablet.


As like with most of the other tablets in the market, FunTab 7.1 Fit Tablet is also provided with 4 GB internal memory. Up to 32 GB memory can be utilized on this tablet by making use of micro SD card memory expansion feature. RAM provided on this tablet is given as 512 MB and is of DDR3 type.


3600 mAh capacity battery which is of Li Ion type has been provided on FunTab 7.1 Fit Tablet. This battery can provide audio play back time of up to 8 hours and video play back time of up to 4 hours.


Regarding connectivity features, FunTab 7.1 Fit Tablet has been provided with Wi-Fi and 3G.


FunTab 7.1 Fit Tablet is having price tag of Rs.6,000/-

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