HCL Me U1 Tablet Vs Pantech Element Tablet

HCL Me U1 Tablet

HCL Me U1 Tablet Vs Pantech Element Tablet|HCL Vs Pantech Tablets

HCL Me U1 tablet is having seven inches screen size and Pantech Element is having eight inches screen size. Pantech Element tablet has been provided with eight inches screen size while HCL Me U1 tablet has been provided with seven inches screen size. Pantech element comes with excellent camera while the HCL tablet comes with average quality cameras. Let us compare both the tablets further:

Features HCL Me U1 Tablet Pantech Element Which one is better
Weight N/A 470 grams Data insufficient
Screen size 7 inches capacitive 8 inches capacitive Both have capacitive touch screen, but Pantech element is a bit bigger in size
Resolution 800 x 480 pixels 1024 x 768 pixels Better quality resolution is seen on Pantech
Camera 0.3 MP Front 5 MP rear2 MP front Pantech Element excels in camera, it has both rear and front cameras
OS Android ICS Android Honeycomb Pantech tablet runs on older version OS
Battery Li Ion 3600mAh Li Ion 6400mAh Pantech element battery is more powerful
CPU 1 Ghz CPU Dual Core 1.5 Ghz Scorpion CPU Much poweful processor can be seen on Pantech tablet
RAM 512 MB RAM 1 GB RAM Pantech Element has double the RAM of U1 tablet
Internal memory 4 GB 16 GB Internal memory of Pantech is four times that of HCL tablet
Price Rs.7,600 N/A Data insufficient for comparison

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