HCL Me X1 Tablet Vs HCL Me U1 Tablet

HCL Me X1 Tablet

HCL Me X1 Tab Vs HCL Me U1 Tablet|HCL X1 Vs U1

Let us compare Me X1 tablet with Me U1 tablets which are both released by HCL company. Seven inches screen size is the common factor between these two tablets released by HCL. The Me X1 tablet has got 2 megapixels resolution camera while the Me U1 tablet has got 0.3 megapixels resolution camera. X1 runs on Gingerbread version of operating system while the U1 tablet has got support for Ice Cream Sandwich version of operating system. Following is the tablet outlining their important specifications:

Feature HCL Me X1 Tablet HCL Me U1 Tablet Which one wins?
Weight 391.5 grams N/A N/A
Screen size 7 inches capacitive 7 inches capacitive Both the tablets have same specs on this front
Camera 2 MP Front 0.3 MP Front Camera of Me X1 is better than U1 camera
OS Android Gingerbread Android ICS Me U1 runs on latest version OS
Battery Li Ion 3500mAh Li Ion 3600mAh HCL Me U1 has better battery
CPU 1 Ghz Processor ARM Cortex A8 1 Ghz CPU Both have same capacity processors
RAM 512 MB DDR3 512 MB RAM Same kind of RAM
Internal Memory 4 GB 4 GB Both are same
Price Rs.9,695 Rs.7,600 Price of Me U1 Tablet is low

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