HCL Y2 Tablet Vs HCL MyEduTab U1 Tablet

HCL Y2 Tablet

HCL Y2 Tablet Vs HCL MyEduTab U1 Tablet|Y2 Vs MyEduTab

HCL Y2 Tablet Vs HCL MyEduTab U1 Tablet comparison allows us to know which one is better. Both the tablets are released by HCl. The latest tablet from HCL, i.e. HCL y2 tablet runs on Android v4.0 version of operating system and also HCL My Edu Tab U1 also runs on Android v4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich version of operating system. That means, both the tablets are similar with regard to their operating system.

Capacitive type of touch sensitivity can be seen on both of these tablets i.e. HCL Y2 tablet and HCL MyEduTab U1 tablet. We can also find that both of these tablets are having multi touch support. That means, they extend their support to pinch to zoom features.

7 inches is the screen size of HCL y2 tablet and the same size can be found as the display size of HCL MyEduTab U1. That means, there is no difference between the two tablets with regard to screen size. RAM provided on HCL My Edu Tab U1 is of 512 MB capacity. But the RAM provided on HCL Y2 tablet is of 1 GB RAM. There is huge difference between the RAMs of both the tablets. We can find that the RAM of y2 tablet is double that of My Edu Tab U1 tablet. This will surely be showing impact on the performance of the tablet.

Display resolution of HCL My Edu Tab U1 tablet is given as 800 x 480 pixels. But the display resolution of HCL Y2 tablet is given as 1280 x 800 pixels. Since resolution is the main factor effecting the display of a tablet, HCL y2 tablet will have better display when compared to its predecessor. Price of HCL y2 tablet is expected to be around Rs.15,000/-, but the price of HCL My Edu Tab U1 is given as around Rs.9,000.

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