How to Factory Reset Nabi 2?

Nabi 2

How to Factory Reset Nabi 2?

Nabi 2 is one of the popular kids tablets. Sometimes, you may have to reset the tablet for some or the other reason. While resetting the tablet, make sure that you take the back up of entire data present on the tablet. Since formatting will wipe off the data stored on your tablet, you have to take the back up well in advance.

Formatting the Nabi 2 tablet can be done in two ways. These two methods are mentioned as ‘forced reboot’ and ‘factory reset’. Forced reboot is the procedure to be taken up when the tablet stuck or hangs. If you are facing some difficult in using apps or playing video i.e. if the tablet gets hanged in the middle, you have to go for forced reboot. This can be performed by holding the ‘Power button’ down and continue holding the button until it gets turned off. You have to press the ‘power button’ again for few seconds in order to turn it on. S

Factory reset on Nabi 2 is a serious procedure and can be done only under proper guidance. It is the procedure to wipe off all the data present on the tablet. This procedure of factory resetting is otherwise called as hard resetting. It will bring the tablet to its original factory settings.

For performing factory reset on Nabi 2 tablet, you have to login through ‘Mommy/Daddy Mode’ and go to ‘All Apps’. Now you have to go to ‘Settings’ option. From there, go to ‘Back up & Reset’.  You can now see the option ‘factory data reset’. Now is the time to select the option ‘reset tablet’. Select the option ‘erase everything’ now. This will complete the procedure of factory resetting.

Nabi 2 tablet users can make use of ‘Nabi Sync’ feature in order to sync and back up all the data present on the tablet. Users are provided with opportunity to take backup of their music, video and other files present on the Nabi 2 tablet. This is very much essential before going for the process of factory reset of the tablet.

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