How to Hard Reset XTouch Tablets

How to Hard Reset XTouch Tablets

XTouch is one of the popular names in tablet market. It has released many tablets including X714, X711, X712, X718,. Etc. May other tablets are also released by this company. Many people across the world are using these tablets. But most of the people using this tablet have complained about the process of hard resetting these tablets. If you are also using any of the tablets released by this company and if you are looking for the methods of resetting the tablets, then this information will be of helpful to you.

Before hard resetting any tablet, make sure that you are taking the back up of the data present on the tablet. After hard resetting, the data present on the internal memory of the tablet will get wiped off and it can’t be recovered. Hence, it is advised to take back up of all the data present on the tablet. Also, the settings of your apps will get wiped off. If you have something important in your apps, then it is good to take back up of that data also.

For hard resetting the X Touch tablets, you need to turn off the tablet. Then, press the volume up button and power button simultaneously. This will take you to a new menu. In this menu options, you will find option for ‘hard reset’. When you select that option, the tablet will get hard reset and the existing data on this tablet will get wiped off. After turning on the device again, the device will be clear from previous data and will be afresh. It will be same like the one which you have purchased from store, in terms of software and memory.

If you are still facing problems with regard to hard resetting of X Touch tablets, it is better to consult nearest service center of XTouch and get it done. Make sure to consult professional and authorized technical service center.

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