How to Hard Reset Xtreme Tablet?

Xtreme Tablet

How to Hard Reset Xtreme Tablet?

Ice Xtreme Tablet is one of the famous tablets in the low end section. Ice Xtreme tablet is reported to be working fine for most of the users. But few users have reported some problems on this tablet. If you are also facing such problems, you might have to go for hard reset of this tablet. Make sure that you have tried all the other possible methods of solving the problem, and come for hard reset only as last rescue.

If you want to hard reset your Xtreme tablet, you have to take the backup of the data present on your tablet first. Only after taking the backup you have to go for hard reset, otherwise you may lose all the data stored on your computer. For hard resetting your Xtreme tablet, you have to hold the power button on / off along with volume button up / down simultaneously. Then only you can get a special menu. In this menu, you have to select the option for hard reset. Then, your tablet will get hard reset or factory reset and will become as the one which is at the starting of your purchase.

Xtreme tablet is having seven inches screen size with WVGA type of screen. It is provided with 800 x 480 pixels screen. Capacitive type of touch sensitivity has been provided on this tablet which has got DDR3 type of RAM. The capacity of RAM provided on this tablet is 1 GB. This tablet is powered by 1 Ghz to 1.5 Ghz capacity clocking speed based on the variant of the tablet you have selected. Accelerometer and G sensors can be utilized on this tablet.

Ice XTreme tablet runs on Android v4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich version of operating system and it is able to support wide range of apps and games from Google Play Store. There are more than hundred apps pre loaded on this tablet. There is no support for SIM card on this tablet while there is support for external dongles for data connection.


If the above procedure is not working for your model/version of the tablet, then try the following method:

Go to Settings Menu – > Now go to ‘Back up & Reset’ option -> This option might also be in the form of ‘Backup and Restore”

Now Choose, ‘Factory Data Reset’. Now your tablet will automatically get factory reset.

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