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HTC Android Tablet

HTC Android Tablet Pros

First and foremost thing that is attractive in this HTC Android Tablet is that it comes from branded manufacturer like HTC. Everyone knows that HTC produces good quality mobile phones. This tablet is also expected to be produced with world class standards in the lines of mobile phones offered by the company. Wireless connectivity is very much impressive on this tablet. It is very much easy to get connected easily. RAM of 2GB is working well on this tablet.

HTC Android Tablet works on latest version of Android operating system and it is v3.0 which is touted as Gingerbread version of operating system. That means, users can get opportunity to utilize advanced features of Android operating system on this tablet.

HTC Android Tablet Cons

HTC Android Tablet 1

There are no many cons on the part of this tablet. HTC Android Tablet can easily become a good competitor for major brands in the segment of the tablets. Since there is much competition in the range of tablet, makers of this tablet have to focus on embedding special features on this tablet. It is better to have AGPS connectivity along with just GPS connectivity on this tablet.

HTC Android Tablet is provided with 32 GB of SSD memory, but the internal memory is quite low. It is better to have improved memory specs which can in turn show impact on its performance. Screen resolution of the tablet can also be improved much.

Price of HTC Android Tablet Rs. 41,100/-

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