iPad is Not Getting Recognized in iTunes: iPad Recognition Problems

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iPad is Not Getting Recognized in iTunes: iPad Recognition Problems

Are you using iPad? Are you trying to connect it to iTunes but it is not working? Then you need to know the actual problem and fix it. While trying to connect your device to iTunes, make sure that the iTunes you have in your Mac or PC is of latest version.

For getting updates for your iTunes, go to iTunes and then go to, Check for Updates. It will be seen on Mac. But if you are using Windows, you have to go to ‘Help’ and then to ‘Check for Updates’. After installing the updates, if any, you need to restart the device iPad. Power off the device by pressing the ‘Sleep / Wake’ button for longer period i.e until red slider is seen. Now you need to slide the finger across the slider and the device will get turned off within ew seconds.

In case if your iPad is not giving proper responses, you can rest the device by holding the same button along with home key at the same time for ten seconds. Now you have to power off the device and try reconnecting it. USB connections are to be checked now and ensure that the connections are proper to the computer. Also, check that the cable is in proper condition. Make sure that there are no breaks or wirings. Now, disconnect the iPad and restart the computer. If all the above mentioned steps are not giving good results, you have to uninstall the iTunes from your computer and reinstall the app on Mac or PC and retry connecting.

In most cases, restarting the device would work. In few cases, reinstalling the iTunes will work best. If you are not getting good results even when you have reinstalled the iTunes, then you need to take the device to the service center of Apple.

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