iPad Mini Vs Google Nexus 7 Tablets

iPad Mini Vs Google Nexus 7 Tablets|iPad Mini Vs Nexus 7

Comparison between iPad Mini and Google Nexus 7 is very interesting as they both are considered as top notch tablets in the industry. With the release of iPad Mini, Apple has also entered the small screen sized devices market and competes existing tablets like Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab 2, etc. iPad Mini runs on iOS 6 while the Nexus 7 tablet runs on Android v4.1 or Jelly Bean version of operating system.

Price: clearly, Google gains more mileage in this segment. It offers Nexus 7 at low prices and hence it can reach out more number of prospective customers. On the other hand, iPad Mini is considered as highly priced device when compared to other seven inches screen sized tablets in the market. Generally, the devices from Apple will be priced higher than its counterparts.

Performance: Both iPad Mini and Nexus 7 are considered as legendary tablets in the industry. Both of them are offering excellent performance. But the real world performance and tech specs on these tablets would differ because of the difference in OS optimizations, software design and app behavior.

Regarding hardware, Nexus 7 is considered as superior one because it has got quad core 1.2 Ghz Tegra 3 processor. On the other and, iPad Mini runs on 1 Ghz dual core Apple A5 processor. In this section, Nexus 7 clearly gains more momentum and scores more points. But still, iPad Mini can be the winner if you check for quick real world performance.

Android devices are known for customizable options and in latest version operating system also, i.e. Jelly Bean also, there are lot of customization options. But on the other hand, iPad Mini’s iOS is not so customizable, at least when compared with the Android ones. Regarding battery life, iPad Mini Tablet from Apple is gaining good points when compared to Google Nexus 7 Tablet.

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