iPad Not Turning on: How to Turn on iPad when not Turning On

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iPad Not Turning on: How to Turn on iPad when not Turning On

iPad Tablets from Apple are considered as one of the best tablets in the world. It is one of the most selling tablets in the world. Still there are few problems faced by the users while using this device. Few users have reported that their iPad is not turning on. There will be wide range of things which can prevent the iPad from turning on. The exact problem behind it can’t be known immediately.

Most common reasons behind this problem of iPad not turning on, are battery failure or frozen state of the device. First reason is that the battery of your device might not be working and it might have dead. In such cases you have to get the new battery and replace the older one. Your iPad should work properly once the battery is replaced. If it is working properly, the problem is confirmed to have caused by dead battery. But when it is still not turning on, you should think that there is still some problem. The second most common reason behind this problem is that the iPad device might have stuck in the suspended mode. Sometimes, the device might get frozen in the suspended state which would cause this problem. In such cases you have to reset the device. By holding the home button and sleep/wake button simultaneously for ten seconds, you will get Apple logo. Now the iPad will boot up and will power on.  If the iPad is not turning on even then, you have to check if your device has completely drained out of power.

If it is not having power, you have to plug the device to the wall outlet to charge it. Use original power adapter for the purpose of charging the device. The device will take nearly twenty minutes for charging from completely drained state. So you need to wait for some time to check whether the device is turning on or not. Now the device will mostly turn on. If it is not turned on still, you have to take it to the service center of Apple.

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