iPad Screen Freezes: How to Solve Screen Freezing Problem on iPad

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iPad Screen Freezes: How to Solve Screen Freezing Problem on iPad

One of the most common problems seen on iPad is regarding the freezing of screen. iPad series of tablets from Apple are considered as the best tablet devices in the world and hence their sales are top in the world. But still they also suffer from few technical problems. Among such common problems, screen freezing is also present. Many users have reported that they have faced this problem.

First of all, the users have to know why this problem of screen freeze is occurring. Only when they know the reason they can get proper solution. First common reason behind this condition is that the apps running on the tablet might have conflicted. For this problem, you have to close the running apps and carefully check which app is causing the problem. After this, you have to restart the iPad by turning off and turning on. If that doesn’t work in your case, you need to go for resetting of the device.

For resetting iPad, you have to hold the home key and also the sleep or wake button simultaneously (i.e. at the same moment). Continue holding them for at least ten to fifteen seconds. This will open the options for resetting the tablet. In most cases, the tablets problem of screen freezing will get resolved. But in some cases, it might not resolve the problem.

If you are still facing the problem, you need to restore the operating system on your iPad. For this, you have to connect the device to the computer, either Mac or PC. Now you have to restore the OS through iTunes. The process of restoring the operating system through iTunes doesn’t seem to be a simple one. You have to be careful while restoring the operating system because it will wipe off your data stored on the device. Hence, it is very much necessary that you back up all the data on the device before restoring the operating system through iTunes.

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