iPad Tablet Stuck in Suspended State: iPad Not Turning on

iPad Tablet

iPad Tablet Stuck in Suspended State: iPad Not Turning on

iPad tablet from Apple remains as the most selling tablets in the world, even though there is good competition from Android tablets. Apple has released few versions of iPad and of them, iPad 4 is the latest one. It is one of the most popular and most sold tablets across the world. But still, few users are facing some problems in using this tablet.

iPad Tablet reportedly not turning on for some users. It happens sometimes and might be due to a small problem. There are many reasons behind this problem. Many factors might have contributed for the cause of this problem. Most common reason behind this problem is that your tablet might got stuck in suspended state. It might have frozen in the suspended mode. For solving this problem, you need to restart the tablet. Resetting the device is the only proved solution to be working in this case. You have to hold the power button and turn off the device completely. Now hold the power button along with sleep or wake button simultaneously. You have to hold the button for few seconds continuously in order to get a new menu. In this menu you can notice options for resetting the device. But make sure that you have taken back up all the important data stored on the device. it is better to take regular back up of the data stored on the iPad device, so that if any such problem arises you can easily reset the tablet.

iPad Tablet might not be turning on because of another problem also. If the battery is dead, then it won’t turn on your device. In such cases you have to replace the battery. It is better to contact the service center of Apple to get the replacement of battery. If the problem of iPad is due to the faulty battery, then the replacement of battery with new one should be working well. It should bring good results.

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