Lava e Tab Z7H Tablet Vs Zync Z999 Plus Tablet

Lava e Tab Z7H Tablet Vs Zync Z999 Plus Tablet

Lava e Tab Z7H Tablet Vs Zync Z999 Plus Tablet|Lava Vs Zync Tablets

Lava has come up with eTab Z7H and Zync has recently released Z999 Plus tablets. Comparing both of them will help us to know which is better.


Seven inches is the screen size on Lava tablet and it is same as the screen size on Zync tablet also. Both of them are having 7.0 inches. Capacitive type of touch screen has been provided on both of them. So there is no much difference between the touch screen features of both the tablets.


512 MB RAM can be seen on Zync Z999 Plus tablet. Same capacity RAM can be found on Lava ETab Z7H tablet also. Internal memory provided on Lava tablet is of 4 GB while the internal memory provided on Zync tablet is of 8 GB. So, Zync tablet is scoring more points with regard to internal memory. Of course, both of them are provided with provision for expansion of memory.


Zync Z999 Plus tablet has been powered by 1.5 Ghz processor. On the other hand, Lava tablet is powered by 1.2 Ghz. So there is difference between the processors of both the tablets. The processor of Zync  tablet is having more clocking speed and hence it is more powerful.

Operating System:

Zync Z999 Plus tablet is calibrated to work on Android operating system v4.0. Lava eTab Z7H tablet also runs on Android v4.0 operating system. Both of them have support for latest version of operating system and hence both are able to extend support for latest apps and games from Google Play Store.


Price of Zync Z999 Plus is given as Rs.11,790 while the price of  Lava eTab Z7H is given as Rs.5,499. Lava tablet proves to be economical.

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