LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Vs VTech InnoTab 2 Kids Tablets

LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Vs VTech InnoTab 2 Kids Tablet

LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Vs VTech InnoTab 2 Kids Tablets|LeapFrog Vs VTech

In the modern times, we see the release of wide range of tablets by different companies. Even the segment of kids tablets is becoming bulk and hence the selection of the right tablet for kids is becoming difficult. LeapFrog has released LeapPad 2 and VTech has released Inno Tab 2 for kids. Here is the comparison between two tablets so as to find out which one is the best suitable one for your requirements:

LeapFrog LeapPad and VTech Inno Tab 2 are similar to look and have same design. Their nature is also same and hence it is very much important to know differences between the two. Shape of both the tablets is similar. Inno Tab 2 is a bit larger when compared to Leap Pad 2, but both of them are provided with sleek design. Plastic frame can be found on Inno Tab and this tablet looks a bit longer as well as wider. When compared, Lead Pad 2’s design will be seen more appealing than that of Inno Tab 2.

When you are purchasing the tablet for kids’ usage, you need to make a note of its durability. Since they would be handling the devices in a rough and tough manner, it is very much essential to select durable devices. InnoTab looks a bit larger and Leap Pad looks to be durable. Although the exact durability of a device can’t be predicted, Leap Pad 2 seems to be a promising device in this section.

Screen sizes of both these tablets are of similar size and hence the selection seems to be a difficult one. But, Inno Tab comes with buttons for brightness adjustments. Leap Pad scores good points in terms of sound quality. Inno Tab 2 comes with eight buttons and hence it looks crowded with buttons, but the LeapPad 2 comes with 5 buttons. But care has to be taken such that those buttons are not pressed accidentally.

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