Micromax FunBook Pro Tablet Vs FunTab Fit 7.1 Tablet

Micromax FunBook Pro Tablet

Micromax FunBook Pro Tablet Vs FunTab Fit 7.1 Tablet|FunBook Pro Vs FunTab

Micromax FunBook Pro Tablet is the latest device from Micromax. Fit 7.1 tablet is also a latest tablet from FunTab. Hence comparing both of them will enable us to have clear differences and comparisons between them:


Micromax FunBook Pro is having 10.inches screen size since it has been released as a bigger version of its successful tablet FunBook. This tablet has got display resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. FunTab Fit 7.1 Tablet is having seven inches screen size and is provided with 800 x 480 pixels.


RAM provided on Funtab tablet is 512 MB and it has got internal memory of 4 GB. Coming to the RAM of micromax tablet it is 1 GB. Internal memory provided on this tablet is 8 GB. Both the tablets have provision for the expansion of memory up to 32 GB. In terms of RAM and internal memory, Micromax FunBook Pro gains more points.


The processor provided on Micromax Tablet is 1.2 Ghz processor. And the processor provided on FunTab fit tablet is 1 Ghz. Hence we can say that there is slight difference between the capacities of clocking speeds of the processors. Micromax Tablet is calibrated to have better performance because of its improved processor.


3600mAH capacity battery has been provided on FunTab Fit 7.1 and Micromax is also having better quality battery only. Both of these tablets are provided with good quality batteries and hence their usage times are also quite reliable.

Operating System:

Both FunBook Pro and Fit 7.1 tablets run on Android v4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich version of operating system.


Micromax offers FunBook Pro tablet at a price of Rs.9,999 while the price of FunTab Fit 7.1 tablet is given as Rs.6,000/-

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