Surface Tablet in India – Release Date & Price

Surface Tablet

Surface Tablet Price India|Surface Tablet Release Date

Microsoft has come up with its first tablet and named it as Surface tablet. This tablet has been just announced but not released still. Release date of this tablet has also not been announced. Price of this tablet is also not known because it has not been announced. Surface tablet is expected to give a tough competition for New iPad from Apple.

Surface tablet will be released in two versions. One of them will be running on Windows RT operating system while the other one will run on Windows 8 Pro operating system. It has got weight of 676 grams and is provided with 10.6 inches screen size. This screen is having clear type HD display features. Battery provided on Surface tablet is 31.5 watt hour. It has got various kinds of ports like 2 x 2 MIMO Antennae, micro HD video and USB v2.0. We can also find micro SD card slot in order to expand the memory. This tablet is offered in 32 GB and 64 GB configuration. Surface tablet Windows RT version features Vapor Mg case and stand. It is also having type cover, touch cover.

Surface tablet which runs on Windows 8 pro operating system will have weight of 903 grams. It has got provided with Clear type full HD display on its 10.6 inches screen size. This tablet is provided with battery of 42 watt hours. This version of Surface tablet also features various kinds of ports like 2 x 2 MIMO antennae, mini display port videos and USB v3.0. There is also option for expansion of memory of this tablet using the micro SDXC card slot. This version of the tablet will be offered in 128 GB and 64 GB versions. It is also having Vapor Mg Case and stand. Touch cover, pen with palm block and type cover can be found on Surface tablet.

Surface tablet announced by Microsoft is expected to release after the official release of the Windows 8 operating system on which these tablets are going to operate. Till then the suspense for price and release date of Surface tablet continues.

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