Unlocking Problems of Google Nexus 7: How to Unlock Nexus 7 Tablet

Google Nexus 7

Unlocking Problems of Google Nexus 7: How to Unlock Nexus 7 Tablet

Amazon and Google are creating sensation in the tablet market with the release of their Kindle and Nexus tablets respectively. Getting in to the tablet market and achieving success is not a small thing when there are giants like Apple in the market. But Google and Amazon have done it by offering the tablets at very low prices. Sales of these two tablets are very good in the market, and the qualities of these tablets are not compromised. But still there are few users who have reported that they are facing some problems while using Nexus 7 Tablet from Google.

One of the most common problems seen in the usage of Google Nexus 7 Tablet include locking of their tablet. Most of the users might have locked their tablet to protect their device, or might have locked their tablet accidentally. But among such users, most of them might have forgotten passwords. Getting the tablet unlocked when the device is locked is really a difficult thing. If you have locked your tablet and have forgotten the unlock procedure or pattern unlock, then remember that you are not the only person facing such problems. For solving this problem, there are many solutions. But most of these solutions are not proven to be working fine with all tablets. The only solution which has been proven to be effective in the case of unlocking the locked tablet is factory resetting the tablet.

Factory resetting the tablet is simple procedure but will wipe off all the data stored on the tablet. For factory resetting the Nexus 7 tablet, users have to hold the power button off. After it gets turned off, it should be turned on by pressing the power button and wake / sleep button simultaneously. This will give access to a list of options. Among these options, there will be option for factory resetting. Anyone can perform factory resetting of their tablets, but one should keep in mind that the data stored on their device will be lost.

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