ZenPad 7 Tablet Vs Aakash Tablet

Aakash Tablet

ZenPad 7 Tablet Vs Aakash Tablet|Zen Vs Aakash

Aakash is a sensation in the tablet market because it is the cheapest tablet in India. Zen tablet has also released one of the cheapest tablets in India. Although the tablet from Zen, i.e. ZenPad 7 tablet is not the cheapest one, it is offered in affordable price ranges in India. So, everyone tries to compare both of them and will try to find which one is worthy for the price invested. Let us compare both of them:


ZenPad 7 tablet is having 7 inches screen size and shares it as a common feature with Aakash tablet, since it is also being offered in 7 inches screen size version. The touch screen provided on both of these tablets is of resistive type. Hence the performance of touch screen on both of these tablets is poor quality.

Operating System:

Aakash Tablet runs on Android v2.2 or Froyo version of operating system. ZenPad 7 tablet runs on Android v2.1 or Éclair version of operating system. Both of them are older version of operating systems but comparatively, Froyo is newer than Éclair version. A small difference is present in the operating systems of these tablets.


RAM provided on Aakash tablet is of 246 MB and the same kind of RAM can be found on ZenPad7 tablet also. This RAM is also of DDR2 version on both the tablets. That means, these two tablets are having low quality RAM.


1 Ghz processor can be found on ZenPad 7 tablet but the processor provided on Aakash tablet is of 700 Mhz processor. That means, ZenPad 7 tablet will be having better standards of processor when compared to Aakash tablet. Although ZenPad tablets’ processor is better when compared to processor of Aakash, it is not of higher standards.


Price of ZenPad 7 tablet is Rs.13,999 while the price of Aakash tablet is Rs.3,000 approximately. So there is lot of difference in terms of price.

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